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We are an engineering and project management company that has been operating in Uruguay since 1989, and we started our activities in Paraguay in 2019. We are currently executing in Uruguay more than 80 projects per year, which begin and end successfully, collecting lessons learned for next applications.


The company's mission is to provide engineering and project management services, with world class tools, achieving success and customer satisfaction in 100% of them. In addition, that Project members achieve high satisfaction and motivation at work, learn and grow professionally, working as a team with a spirit of service and honesty


To be a leading engineering company in Uruguay and in Paraguay. That hiring Proyectos Ingenieria is seen by customers as a guarantee of a successful project.

Quality politics

The Quality Policy establishes the following principles:

  • satisfy the customers’ requirements and needs, by providing services that generate recognized value,

  • ensure the availability of adequate people and resources for each case,

  • seek the continuous improvement of its performance through innovation in products and services and the improvement of its processes,

  • create conditions to attract and maintain people of great capacity,

  • maintain good treatment and mutual respect in the relationships between customers, company people and their employees,

  • operating within a management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001,

  • complying with legal, environmental and customer requirements.

By meeting these objectives, the firm may:

  • deliver projects that are recognized for their quality,

  • provide opportunities for people to develop rewarding careers,

  • achieve performance that will maintain the company's long-term success,

  • allow the company to be known for the excellence and creativity of everything it does for its customers and for society in general.

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