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EmissionFactors - Proyectos Ingeniería

#EmissionFactors are measures used to estimate the amount of Greenhouse Gas Emission released from specific activities or materials. They are expressed in equivalent kg or tons of CO2 per unit of consumption. They help us understand how much emissions are generated per unit of consumption, like miles driven, cement used, or fuel burned.

Using accurate emission factors is one of the keys in assessing carbon footprints and developing decarbonization strategies. Since emission factors vary depending on location, it's important to find the most accurate emission factors before carbon calculations begin.

In #uruguay , some useful emission factors can be found here, in a Uruguayan open-source tool for carbon footprint calculation:

-Fuel combustion: 2.27 kgCO2e/L

-Electricity: 0.10 kgCO2e/kWh

-Water consumption: 0.15 kgCO2e/m3

-Cement production: 0.53 kgCO2e/kg

The tool can be found here:

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