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Have you heard of the term 'carbon footprint', but not sure what it really means?

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Have you heard of the term 'carbon footprint', but not sure what it really means?

Essentially, it refers to the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions that result from our daily activities, such as driving, using electricity, and even eating certain foods. These gases trap heat in the Earth's atmosphere, causing the planet’s temperature to rise.

Carbon footprint is typically measured in units of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), which considers the warming potential of different greenhouse gases. The reason CO2e is used is because greenhouse gases differ in their ability to trap heat in the atmosphere.

For example, a methane molecule can trap more heat than carbon dioxide, but it is present in lower concentrations in the atmosphere. By using CO2e, we can standardize the measurement of greenhouse gases and express them in a common unit. This allows us to compare and aggregate emissions from different sources, and provides a more accurate picture of our overall impact on the environment.

Although we tend to associate factories and cars with carbon footprint, there are many other counterintuitive sources that society is slowly starting to pay attention to. Understanding our carbon footprint and the sources that contribute to it is the first step towards reducing our impact on the environment and promoting a sustainable future.

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